Gyanu Basnet

Gyanu Basnet is a Singer, Nepali Singer, composer & Lyricist…I have written more than 470 Nepali songs.… in a nutshell he is an Artist. In 2002 I moved Kathmandu for my University degrees.In 2004 I started writing some snippet in blog, that was blogger, blogspot.com blog owned by Pyra lab and later by Google. Those years I learnt music, vocal class and instrumental, and some skills to become artist. Then in 2006 I launched my first Music Album “Chheukai Pandhero”, songs like “Maya Mareyeu Ni” Tada Bhai gayo Aaja etc. I wrote songs for others such as “Chokho Maya Lagauna Thalera” “Gayeu Dhatera” “Chhaya Barkai Chha” and many More. Beside this I also compose song. I’m also a part time Blogger from Nepal, Presently working in one of the county in Middle East.I have created this blog to share my experiences and skills on how to do things better. I’m very happy to help you by sharing blogging tips,templates for blogger or websites. As a part time blogger I earn some hundreds of dollars every month blogging tips on how to blog well and themes and blogger templates as well, My templates are free to use for your blogs.  If you found any problems on blogging please write comments. Thanks for visiting this blog. Phone Number : +9720548157465 Gyanu Basnet http://gyanubasnet.com Join MY Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/gyanubasnetofficial

Gyanu Basnet

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